Borough and Ashlar Lodge
Number 4858

Nelson House, Nelson Square, Burnley
Telephone 01282 421344




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The Lodge has a library of books.
Contact WBro Tom Kinsman for more information.


The great composer, Jean Sibelius (Finlandia), when he was 56, was initiated, passed and raised from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with an intermission of an hour out for lunch



1759 Demonstration Team

1759 Demonstration Team



Pendle Lodge - Nelson



Abbey & Whalley Arches Lodge



Burnley Masonic Hall



Burnley Masonic Hall Functions


Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire
Provincial Grand Lodge of West Lancashire
Cumberland and Westmorland Freemasons
Masonic Province of Yorkshire, West Riding
United Grand Lodge of England



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 Jeff Bradshaw

Tel. 01282 452561

 Jim Whittaker

Tel. 01282 455146

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