Borough and Ashlar Lodge
Number 4858

Nelson House, Nelson Square, Burnley
Telephone 01282 421344




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The Lodge has a library of books.
Contact WBro Tom Kinsman for more information.


In China, about 300 B.C., Mencius wrote "A master Mason, in teaching his apprentices, makes use of the compasses and the square. Ye who are engaged in the pursuit of Wisdom, must also make use of the compasses and the square." Additionally, in a book called Great Learning, 500 B.C., we find that "A man should abstain from doing unto others what he would not they should do unto him; and this is called the principle of acting on the square."


The Lodge Goes To The Dogs
Ladies Evening December 2011

Amalgamation Ceremony June 2011

Ladies Evening November 2010








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 Jeff Bradshaw

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